Resilience: 50 Indigenous Art Cards and Teaching Guide

Resilience: 50 Indigenous Art Cards and Teaching Guide is a boxed set that contains 50 full-colour, 8" x 10" reproductions of contemporary Indigenous art and a bilingual (English/French) teaching guide, full of ideas on how to use the art cards to animate discussions and inspire activities in all subjects, from kindergarten to grade 12. It is based on the exhibition curated by Lee-Ann Martin, with teaching guide developed by Yvette Cenerini, Lita Fontaine, Dawn Knight and Albert McLeod. Purchase the boxed set here.

Want to access the Teaching Guide online? Please see below for English and French accessible files and templates.

Want someone to come to your school to provide professional development on how to use these materials in the classroom? Yvette Cenerini is able to come to any school in Winnipeg for a half day training session for $320. Please contact her directly at

  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • The Manitoba Association For Art Education
  • Province of Manitoba