Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk)

  • Jingle Dancers Assembled – 2011
  • Print
  • Framed: 95.2 x 160.5 x 6.3 cm; Overall: 91.5 x 157 cm
  • Collection of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Jingle Dancers Assembled

Jingle Dancers Assembled is a production still from TimeTraveller, Episode 04. The nine-part machinima series tells the story of Hunter, a Mohawk man who lives in the year 2121. Using his edutainment system, TimeTraveller™, he embarks on -- go ahead, call it a "vision quest" -- that takes him back in time to important moments for America’s First Nations. Along the way he meets Karahkwenhawi, a young Mohawk woman from the present. Together they criss-cross the continent and the centuries and discover the complexity of history, truth, and love. One of the project’s aims is to depict an unbroken timeline of Aboriginal history from before European contact to far in the future, portraying Aboriginals as thinking, feeling and reasoning people throughout.

In this image, Karahkwenhawi has found her own pair of TimeTravellers™ and finds herself in the year 2112 at a mega-powwow in Winnipeg among other jingle dress dancers.

– Skawennati

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