• Nuliajuk in Mourning – 2017
  • Acrylic on rag
  • 71.1 x 50.8 cm
Nuliajuk in Mourning

Every year in June, we'd load up our boat and move to our one-room home by the sea. And many years we'd be greeted with garbage strewn along the shore by ocean currents, international garbage likely from fishing trawlers located between Labrador and Greenland. As a small child, it was exciting to see these strange treasures, but as an adult, this invasion of plastic is very disturbing to me. I've read about whales washing up on beaches with their stomachs filled with garbage. To see these majestic creatures brought down by something as small as plastic bags is heartbreaking. And I can't help but wonder how Nuliajuk, the Inuit sea goddess, would feel on seeing one of her creatures lying dead on the beach because of this.

– Heather Campbell

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