Amy Malbeuf


  • unbodied rebirth – 2011
  • Digital photographic print on acrylic
  • 76.2 x 63.5 cm
unbodied rebirth

“Women, all females, are the manifestation of Mother Earth in human form.” – Winona LaDuke

unbodied rebirth is the documentation of a performance of mine in the Rocky Mountains at Banff National Park. Parks are perceived as a natural space and a place for people to enjoy and engage with the wild landscape. This perception is false, as park landscapes are highly managed and groomed. This is parallel to the way women are subjugated and objectified in our society. As people we are a part of nature, and to segregate nature into park spaces not only separates us from nature but imposes a violence on the land and ourselves – most especially women. The Earth is imbued with culture and knowledge and as an embodiment of the Earth, I also hold this knowing in my body. The shedding of synthetic layers is an attempt to repair the connection between land and body.

– Amy Malbeuf

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