Jennie Williams


  • Nalujuk Night in Nain – Digital photograph
  • 2016
  • Variable dimensions
Nalujuk Night in Nain

With the images I create, I desire to share the experience of our unique Subarctic life in Labrador. I like to photograph people in their everyday environments and circumstances. I am interested in capturing practices and traditions as they are still celebrated here today, in order to create a visual record of a particular time, place, and people. This exploration helps me engage more deeply with my own Inuit heritage and my desire to preserve this knowledge for future generations.

The photographic series Nalujuk Night was shot in the community of Nain, where I live. On January 6 each year, the community gathers to await the Nalujuit (plural for Nalujuk) -- masked figures who represent startling characters said to come inland from the Eastern sea ice. Dramatic and lush, these photographs are a rare and remarkable glimpse into “performances” that are truly unique.

– Jennie Williams

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