Meryl McMaster

Plains Cree and member of the Siksika Nation

  • Dream Catcher – 2015
  • Archival pigment print on watercolour paper
  • 81.3 x 167.6 cm
Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is part of the larger body of work I produced titled Wanderings (2015); the themes within these images are those related to wandering, exploring the unknown and considering the limitation and possibilities of the self. A red thread or colour red follows me throughout the images, illustrating this indivisible connection to home or the past, which informs me of who I am and possibly who I may become. This constant reminder of the inescapable factors that make us who we are – our past, our circumstance or our genes – can sometimes anchor us to a contrasting certainty. Tethered as we may be to the past and all that makes us who we are, I still seek a world of boundless possibilities of who I may become. I’ve created dream-like images with imaginary creatures to act as my guides to enable the viewer to get lost within their own thoughts and return to their child-like nature, to be free from restrictions and to be the person we dream to be.

– Meryl McMaster

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