Kenojuak Ashevak


  • Nunavut - Our Land – 1992
  • Lithograph on paper
  • 230 x 370.5 cm
  • Collection of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Canada
Nunavut - Our Land

Kenojuak Ashevak is best known for entrancing graphic images that encompass imaginative and varied themes. She began drawing in the late 1950s and, up until her death, showed a continuing interest in experimenting with new techniques. Her imagery remained consistent, but she was willing to experiment with various media. She embraced etching and engraving in the 1960s, lithography in the late 1970s, etching and aquatint over the last decade of her life, as well as experimenting with glass, creating a glass sculpture and designing a stained glass window for a chapel. Her enthusiasm and devotion to work has provided inspiration to generations of artists in Cape Dorset. (Courtesy of Feheley Fine Arts, Toronto)

Nunavut - Our Land commemorates the signing ceremony for the Tungavik Federation of Nunavut Settlement Agreement, which took place in Iqaluit, NWT on May 25, 1993 and created a homeland within Canada for Inuit of the Eastern Arctic.

– Courtesy Feheley Fine Arts, Toronto

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