Nigit'stil Norbert

Gwich'ya Gwich'in

  • Reflect, series of 9 – 2009
  • 35mm film
Reflect, series of 9

The series entitled Reflect conveys my understanding of my surroundings, through fixing a moment in time and capturing the beauty in the concrete jungle that is the city. Small fragments of life become abstract forms and images in photographs that strive to encapsulate glimpses of nature in the urban environment. They eliminate what is constructed and human, leaving only abstracted reflections of trees that are still not completely devoid of perceptible form and aspect. Elements reflected in the water begin to show through, exposing our eyes to completely new realities. This reflection of our thinking and perception contrasts with the reality, encouraging a new appreciation for different ways of looking at nature and the world.

– Nigit'stil Norbert

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