Mary Longman

Saulteaux-Gordon First Nation

  • Warrior Woman: Stop the Silence! – 2017 revisions of 2014 version
  • Digital media
  • 3.05 x 6.1 m
Warrior Woman: Stop the Silence!

The concept of Warrior Woman began as a memorial to my late mother, Lorraine Longman (1949 - 2012), and then evolved into the larger theme of Indigenous genocide in North America. Lorraine’s legacy was the title she earned of “toughest chick in the hood,” a necessary survival strategy in difficult times of racism, poverty, violence, residential schools and child apprehensions, the Sixties Scoop. Her story is one of courage, pride and tenacity, and therefore her tribute merged into transforming her image into Warrior Woman, the Indigenized version of the American Wonder Woman.

Warrior Woman shouts out “Stop the Silence!” as the North American mass genocide remains submerged and absent from school history texts and government discourse. This work serves as a long overdue memorial to all the Indigenous men, women and children who died for the sake of colonial land acquisition. Here, their spirits are honoured and not forgotten, their story is told and honoured.

– Mary Longman

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