Lianne Marie Leda Charlie

Tagé Cho Hudän (Big River People), Northern Tutchone-speaking people of the Yukon

  • We are the Land – 2015
  • Digital drawing
  • 9000px x 4500px
We are the Land

I made this image using digital media. It is a mix of hand-drawn lines and blocks of bright colour. Standing in the centre of the image is a Northern Tutchone woman. She is wearing a moose hide dress and carrying her baby in a traditional way with the support of a baby belt. Her moccasins root her to her ancestral homelands. Infinite lines extend from her feet, connecting her to all those who came before her and all those who will come after. Simultaneously holding her and emerging from her is the land and water. She and her baby represent everything that is Indigenous: continuance, connection, strength, love. Because she is the land, we are the land.

– Lianne Marie Leda Charlie

2018 billboard locations


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